Vacationing in NYC: Pre- and Post-Kids

Perspectives: Vacationing in NYC


IMG_0638Cara here! The American half of this dynamic blogging duo is celebrating summer break with a vacation to one of the most amazing cities in the world: NYC. That’s right, “Start spreadin’ the news,” this Texas mama is visiting the Big Apple. (And, I have a picture of a big apple from the Rockefeller Center Lego store to prove it.)


Now the last time I was in the City that Never Sleeps was when I was in my early-30s on a girl’s trip with no kids and really not a lot of money. Seeing NYC as a married mom of three in her late 40s is quite different all together:

  • • The last time I was here, I made sure to toss my coolest boots and heels into my duffle bag. This time I double-checked to see that my sneakers and Dr. Scholl inserts made the suitcase.
    • Instead picking up a pretzel on the run between seeing the sights, I search for affordable restaurants with something healthy on the menu. (I highly recommend John’s Pizza at Times Square. Great food and interesting h
    istory as an old church building.) • I used to be most concerned with someone stealing my wallet, and now I worry about someone stealing my kids. (Hey, this is Gotham City, is it not?) Continue reading “Vacationing in NYC: Pre- and Post-Kids”