An On-Line Quiz Binge: Know Thyself

I accomplished something mammoth this weekend. I finished the first draft of my first novel. Right now it is 385 pages long, which means I have months of editing ahead of me. So, I decided to reward myself by scrolling through Facebook to catch up on what my peeps from all over the world are doing.

dreamstime_m_44993564Well, I made the mistake of becoming intrigued by one of those on-line quizzes like, “What kind of Disney Princess are You?” By the way, I’m a solid Belle from Beauty and the Beast. That quiz worked out so well, I decided to click on the next quiz. After an hour or so of taking quizzes, I am happy to report that I have a much better understanding of who I am now. And, I am dying to share it all with you.

Love and Romance:

You will be pleased to know that in terms of Romance, I am considered “picky” and I “play hard to get.” (They obviously didn’t know me in college.) At the same time, for the Art of Seduction, not to brag, but I am THE IDEAL LOVER, which means I am “sensitive, patient, tempting, and a spiritual soul.” (These are not my words, I swear.) Unfortunately, I did learn from the Dirty Mind quiz, that I am only 10 percent dirty—bummer. However, my Sex Anthem is “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star, a song I’ve never heard. I’m okay with this because the Music Artist Who is Most Likely to Write Me a Love Song is Whitney Houston because I am a “true romantic” and
this shows my “warmth, devotion and respectfulness.” Continue reading “An On-Line Quiz Binge: Know Thyself”