Highlights of the Republican Debate, June 2015

imagesLast night I watched the Republican Presidential Candidate Debate on Fox News. For those who missed this highly entertaining piece of television, I will remind you of the gentlemen (no women candidates) who were present for the debate: Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kaisch. Did I leave someone out?

images-2Some of the highlights for me where as follows:

Illegal Immigration
Donald Trump took full credit for bringing illegal immigration to the forefront. He did not provide any proof that the Mexican government is sending criminals to the U.S. However, Trump did state that the Mexican leaders are smarter than our U.S. leaders. Then, Trump called the U.S. leaders stupid repeatedly. He may have something there, but it felt highly disrespectful. The Dixie Chicks lost their entire career for saying much less.

Scott Walker was called on his change in opinion about illegal immigration—he no longer supports a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Why? Because he listened to the American people. Hum, why wasn’t he listening before?

Marco Rubio seemed the most knowledgeable on immigration stating that most immigrants today are coming from Central American. He was calm, rationale and articulate throughout most of the debate. Someone that articulate and knowledgeable doesn’t have a chance in this race with big mouths.

Ted Cruz called the current leaders in Washington the “Washington Cartel.” Wow! I have no words for that one.

Civil Liberties vs. Protection from Terrorists
Chris Christie and Rand Paul debated the merits of “spying” on American citizens to oust terrorists. Civil liberties vs. hunting for jihad? I am all for the protection of civil liberties, but Rand made a fool out of himself when he said he only wanted to spy on the bad guys. Duh!

Ben Carson did not come out and say he would bring back waterboarding if he were president. Rather, he said, “What we do in order to get the information we need, is our business, and I would not tell people what we’re going to do.” Human rights? Maybe, maybe not. It seemed optional to him. Continue reading “Highlights of the Republican Debate, June 2015”