Organic Farming 101

What Do You Really Know About Organic Farming?

IMG_1242All you health conscious Mamas out there, are you like me? Do you use words like organic and whole foods only to find out the hard way that you have no idea what you are talking about? Well, as I continue my journey to a healthier me, I am learning how little I really know about what I put in my body. Take the word organic. I thought this just meant that the food had not beenIMG_1227 (2) exposed to pesticides or hormones. Wrong! There is more to the organic name than meets a label.

Today I visited Choiniere Organic Farm in Highgate, VT. The owner, a man named Guy, gave us an amazing lesson in his philosophy of farming the land and animal husbandry. He began by telling us that his priority is the soil. The soil is the foundation on which all life on the farm is sustained. If the soil is rich and balanced in nutrients, then the grass and other plants the animals feed on provide the right kind of nutrients. Healthy soil = healthy animals = healthy food products.

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