Mama Needs Some Mad Money: Three Cash Making Projects

As I said in another post, I think our family over did it on vacation in a way our pockets are screaming from the pain of emptiness. So, this week I thought of what I could do to placate my empty pockets. These are no Get-Rich-Quick schemes, but they will give a girl some cash. So, here are my three moneymaking endeavors:

1. ThredUp: An ad for ThredUp popped up on my screen a few weeks ago. I have no idea what I was surfing. I just know that the site found me, and I decided to give it a try. ThredUp is an on-line consignment-type service where you can buy new-with-tags or gently used clothing for everyone in your family. I bought a few items that were new with tags:IMG_1315

  • Naartjie Kids jean leggings for my 11 year-old,
  • Avia sneakers for my son,
  • Old Navy jeans for my 12-year-old daughter,
  • A cute pair of black Naturalizer shoes for Mama
  • A pair of World Standard Life plus size jeans for Mama.

I paid under $75 total for these brand new items. Normally that is what the sneakers could cost me.

I also decided that I would sell some items to this company. I ordered a Clean Out Kit, which has a nice, big plastic bag already labeled for shipping. I packed the bag with my better-used clothes and some that has never been used and still had the tags on them. The company has a list of the brand name items they prefer or will not accept. I sealed it, and mailed it. I will let you know how much I get for my items.

2. Garage Sale: I am a garage sale groupie (if there is such a thing). I love going to them, scrounging for steals, and bargaining with theIMG_1304 owners. I also love putting on a garage sale. Now, I am not like some of these Pinterest garage sale experts. I do not have laminated color-coded tags, nor do I have signs made with my Cricut die-cutting machine. A few neon-colored posters and those little price stickers you get from the dollar store is as high-falutin as I get.   I do advertise on Craigslist and other garage sale sights. I do try to post pictures of certain items if I have time. And, since our city does not permit garage sale signs on any property, I park my car at a fairly busy road with a garage sale sign and the address on the back window. Continue reading “Mama Needs Some Mad Money: Three Cash Making Projects”