Take Your Child to Work Day: Stay-At-Home-Parent Version

My husband, Mike, is an engineer at a chemical company in Texas. I have learned that there are two types of people in this world: (1) engineers and (2) everyone else. Engineers are their own breed who speak a strange foreign language that no one else but other engineers comprehend. Don’t get me wrong, it is based in the English language and follows the syntax of English, but the average lay person tends to cross his eyes whenever and engineer talks about his/her job. I call it “brain shut down.” It is the body’s natural response to “engineer-ese” so that our neurons don’t explode and our grey matter doesn’t shrink in trying to wrap our non-engineer brains around whatever it is the engineer said.

Group of children (9-12) watching experiment in school laboratory
Group of children (9-12) watching experiment in school laboratory

This necessary introduction about engineers s to lead up to the fact that my girls (ages 11 and 12) are going to “Take Your Child To Work” Day with Mike. They are very excited to go, because really they have no idea what a chemical engineer does. (I just tell them Daddy makes plastic and goes to meetings with lots of PowerPoint presentations). The planner that he is, Mike sent me the schedule for “Take Your Child To Work Day.” In addition to “Science is pHun” sessions, the girls will get an overview of the company’s operations and jobs. They will see videos on safety, learn about careers in the field, and even win prizes.

So, I wondered what “Take Your Child To Work Day” would look like for a stay-at-home parent if we gathered together several parents and their children. Here are the events and activities I came up with for our big day. I tried to make it as authentic as possible to the job. No glossing over the demands and joys of being a domestic engineer.

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