Top 5 Reasons I Love the First Weeks of School

  1. IMG_14191. Routine, routine, routine: From 6 AM on, everyone knows where he or she is supposed to be. There is no waking up willy-nilly, no eating lunch at 3PM, and no falling asleep after midnight. Why? Because everyone gets up at the same time every day. Yes! Even if my kids are going in three different directions after school, I still know where they are, when they need to complete homework, and when to serve dinner. My ADHD brain struggles to be organized, so this natural routine is a God-send to me.
  1. Gettin’ the ZZZs: This goes along with the routine. I insist that my kids go to their rooms around 8:30, okay 9:00 at the latest. They do not always fall asleep right away, but they are winding down with a book or doodling. Now, this does not mean that mornings are smooth. I often resort to extreme measures for morning wakeup. Picture a bugle, some marching band cymbals, and a glauchenschpeel, and that’s just for two kids. The third, the hardest case of all, gets smoke bombs and other pyrotechnic devices. Hey, whatever works.
  1. Technology-Schmechnology: During the school year, the kids have almost no time for mindless Minecraft or Xbox games. Nope. School, homework, playing with neighbors, dinner, bath and bed. The computer and Xbox controls weep hysterically during the day when the kids are at school. I am a heartless mama because I feel little sorrow for these addictive interactive games. In fact, I am sure they can hear my manical laugh all the way across the house.

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