Acupuncture, Part 2: My Initial Visit


This is Part II of my series on acupuncture.

After such dramatic testimony from my friend Mary about how acupuncture changed her daughter’s life, I made an appointment. In truth, I felt quite desperate. I could not shake my addiction to sugar—could not no matter what I tried. I felt as if it were impossible to lose weight. (My weight loss journey started with my first diet at 12, and I have never been successful at making a lifestyle change.) Because of the weight, my knees suffered from osteoarthritis, and my self-esteem was a low as a Texas water well.

I am not really sure what I was expecting acupuncture to do for me. I did not have a dramatic story to tell, but I thought, “Why not? What do I have to lose?” So, on a particularly painful day when it hurt my knees when I got out of a chair, I finally called Dr. Bing You and made an appointment.   I was now committed.

Dr. You is a Chinese medical doctor and highly credentialed. He has received a number of awards, and is a diplomat for the American Academy of Pain Management. He is also a certified in and a professor of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and herbology, and works at Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, MD Anderson, and several other reputable hospitals in the Houston area. What I liked most about his practice was his philosophy: Synergy of Western and Eastern Medicine. Continue reading “Acupuncture, Part 2: My Initial Visit”