My 2015 Thanksgiving Gratitude List

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Every Thanksgiving and several times throughout the year, I try to move away from my propensity to whine and count my blessings.  This year, I will share my gratitude list with my readers. The items are in no particular order, and I am sure I left off something or someone, so I beg your pardon now if I have forgotten or offended you. That is not my intention.  Hopefully, this will inspire others to create their own gratitude list.

I am thankful for…

  • The small moments of alone time with my husband
  • Tweezers and razors (for the midlife hair issues)
  • My church community (they keep fertilizing my growing faith)
  • Good or decent—not perfect—report cards (Who wants perfection anyway?)
  • The kisses and cuddles from my kids (so far these turkeys still like me)
  • Getting lost in a good book
  • Listening to my kids laugh in their sleep
  • Pants with elastic waists (“Let it go, let it go, can’t hold me back anymore.”)
  • Being able to fix the hole in my roof and dry weather while we wait
  • My dad who always ends our conversations with “Love you more.”
  • My health, my husband’s health, and my kids’ health (Can I get an AMEN?)
  • The women who give me periodic pedicures (otherwise, I would trip over my nails)
  • Health insurance (keeps us from the poor house)
  • Bras (defying gravity)
  • Unencumbered breathing
  • My patient husband who holds his temper with Herculean effort every time I hit a curb or back into something
  • Chocolate chip cookies, Bit ‘O Honey, saltwater taffy, and Tootsie Pops
  • My brothers and the lifetime material they have provided for future novels
  • My faith (hard to tackle life’s issues without it)
  • The ability to put my kids in activities (exercise and teamwork)
  • Date nights
  • My helpful, generous, loving mother-in-law (I got lucky)
  • Coffee or lunch or a night out in a limo with my supportive friends (they keep me sane)
  • The warmth my pups provide when we nap together (even if one snores)
  • Microwave ovens (not sure I could feed my family without it)
  • Allergy medicine (especially in Houston where something is always blooming)
  • Catch-up conversations with old friends over the phone—treasured times
  • The fan pointed directly at my face every night at bedtime (premenopausal?)
  • Those rare moments when every child in the house is obedient (Can you hear Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”?)
  • Swiffer cloths (keep me from giving away my puppies)
  • Movies (especially the Hallmark Christmas marathons this time of year)
  • Working Wi-Fi
  • The closure and grieving a funeral provides
  • Birthdays with cake and balloons and good friends and food
  • My dentist who is a champion at numbing my mouth
  • Washing machines and dishwashers (imagine the time it saves me)
  • Cheap gas
  • LIFE (It’s better than the alternative!)
  • The people who read and comment on my writing

I feel abundantly blessed, and I am thankful!


3 thoughts on “My 2015 Thanksgiving Gratitude List

  1. Anonymous

    Hey what about me……aren’t you thankful for me? I did not make the list! That is ok…. I am thankful for your blog….it makes me laugh and it provides a quick escape from my life and makes me think a little deeper! Great post!!


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