An On-Line Quiz Binge: Know Thyself

I accomplished something mammoth this weekend. I finished the first draft of my first novel. Right now it is 385 pages long, which means I have months of editing ahead of me. So, I decided to reward myself by scrolling through Facebook to catch up on what my peeps from all over the world are doing.

dreamstime_m_44993564Well, I made the mistake of becoming intrigued by one of those on-line quizzes like, “What kind of Disney Princess are You?” By the way, I’m a solid Belle from Beauty and the Beast. That quiz worked out so well, I decided to click on the next quiz. After an hour or so of taking quizzes, I am happy to report that I have a much better understanding of who I am now. And, I am dying to share it all with you.

Love and Romance:

You will be pleased to know that in terms of Romance, I am considered “picky” and I “play hard to get.” (They obviously didn’t know me in college.) At the same time, for the Art of Seduction, not to brag, but I am THE IDEAL LOVER, which means I am “sensitive, patient, tempting, and a spiritual soul.” (These are not my words, I swear.) Unfortunately, I did learn from the Dirty Mind quiz, that I am only 10 percent dirty—bummer. However, my Sex Anthem is “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star, a song I’ve never heard. I’m okay with this because the Music Artist Who is Most Likely to Write Me a Love Song is Whitney Houston because I am a “true romantic” and
this shows my “warmth, devotion and respectfulness.”


I have to start with the Which Big Bang Theory Character is You test. To my husband’s disappointment I was not Penny, but I was BERNADETTE, which means I am “sweet and popular and fun to be with,” but I am also “strong and stubborn.” (Sounds like a profile.) My Personality, according to the words I use, turned out to be an INTUITIVE HEALER, which means that I am “wise beyond [my] years.” If feeling like Yoda wasn’t enough, I discovered that the Emotion I Am Most Guided By is HOPE. Apparently, I “always see the glass half full” and I “think of the rainbow after every storm” (I kid you not, these are quotes.) And, here I thought I was most guided by food–warm chocolate chip cookies, movie popcorn, and mango slices.  But, what’s really interesting is that the First Thing People Notice About Me is that I am GENEROUS. That’s right, my friends, I will “open my home to guests with [my] whole heart” and I “enjoy helping others in need.” Bring on the needy, I always say!


This section made me a bit nervous. I mean, who wants to take an on-line quiz and learn they are just plain stupid. Swallowing my fear, I took the first quiz and found out I am LINGUISTIC or WORD SMART. You can imagine my relief as I am a former English teacher and currently identify as a writer. Yeah, baby! Then I took the Intelligence Test, one that lured me by saying, “Some of the greatest minds in the world have struggled with this pattern intelligence test. Do you have what it takes to solve it?” I am not usually cocky, but I was up for the challenge. Okay, this is bragging just a bit, but I scored in the TOP 4%. I can detect patterns better than 96% of the population. Of course, they don’t say what population, but I assume it is the population that takes on-line quizzes for fun. Awesome! Then I learned by taking the How Strong Are Your Logical Reasoning Skills Test, that they are very strong. I have to laugh because my engineering husband would definitely contest this rating on the grounds that, according to him, English teachers have no reasoning skills. Of course, I vehemently disagree.

Now, I have to confess I did not take all of the quizzes. For example, I did not take the Are You a Psychopath test, the Who is Your Alter Ego test, and the Can You Get Away With Murder test. There are some things better left a mystery. But, I just couldn’t resist the Who is Your Guardian Angel test, and I was pleased to say that Michael is my guardian angel. (In case you don’t know, Michael is the name of husband.) Perfect!

Does anyone else think this whole quiz thing is silly?

3 thoughts on “An On-Line Quiz Binge: Know Thyself

  1. Teri

    I am NOT going to admit that, in the IQ test that proved I AM a genius! (Take that my beloved brother Michael!!!) I guessed on some of the answers. No WAY am I going to cop to that! I AM a genius!
    I found that if you take some of the tests again and again, most of the time – just based on your selection of your gender (I will admit I did not change that in the quizzes – though perhaps I should have!) I received mostly the same answers.
    Now the hippie quiz – I sure did not understand my name. But since I can’t remember it, it must not have been very interesting. (I was expecting “Moonbeam”, “Flower”, those REAL hippie names I only read about. Nope, never knew anyone who really was named that. Wonder if anyone who was, kept their names. I know “Moon Unit” and “Dweezil” Zappa did!


  2. seekingsimplicity

    Mrs Turner – you are TOO funny!!! I must confess that I too have taken these silly quizzes on fb but I’ve never shared my results. What makes me wonder is who’s making money off these quizzes? On the paranoid side – maybe it’s big brother creating a database on all of us crazy people who take these darn things. Ps – do men take these tests? Bet their tests are all about sex!!!


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