Geography Quiz: Where Am I on Wednesday

Well, Cara is off galavanting around the USA and I’m stuck in rainy old Sydney feeling very jealous. I think she’s in New York City now – probably visiting museums, eating pretzels bigger than her head and shopping on fifth avenue. Did I mention I was jealous?

So, I’ve decided to go away too, if only in my imagination. I thought it might be fun to have a little geography quiz and see if you can guess where I’ve gone. I’ve even devised a marking scale to see how your geography knowledge stacks up. The answer is at the end – so don’t scroll down and cheat. The hints will get easier the further down they go. If you find me:

By question 3: Congratulations! You are a genius (or well travelled). Pat yourself on the back. It’s very likely that your family and everyone around you has grossly underestimated your sheer brilliance and you should remind them at every opportunity. Go and call them now. This is better than winning Jeopardy!

By question 5: You are one smart cookie. You could improve your overall world knowledge by dumping the kids with the in-laws for a couple of weeks, grabbing a round the world ticket and heading off on an adventure. I mean, how long has it been since you had an adventure? You deserve it after all you’ve done for your family and how much they take you for granted.

By question 8: Don’t feel bad about yourself. You’ve been so busy looking after everyone else’s needs you haven’t had time to wash your hair or floss that basil out of your teeth from last  Friday night’s pasta. How the hell are you supposed to know where that is? Your last holiday was to a caravan park in Dubbo. I hear you sista!

By question 10:  Don’t worry, this only means that you need a holiday. Let’s meet in the cocktail lounge at 6pm.

Here goes:

Where am I?

1. I’ve gone to a place where the  lands are spread over an area as large as Western Europe.

2. I’m going to visit a place called a Marae – the ancient peoples worshipped at one of these.

3. I may also visit a church – the main religion here  is now Christianity.


4. I may have to travel around in a boat as this place is comprised  of 5 archipelagos.

5. There are 118 islands in these archipelagos.


6. When I want to say thank you to someone I will say, Mauruuru.

7. I may be able to see the sight of a famous mutiny that occurred in 1789.

tahiti 2

8. There are two official languages here – one of them is French. Tres bien!

9.  It takes 8 hours to get here from LAX or from Sydney.

10. I am definitely staying in one of these over water huts. Would it be wrong if I left my husband at home to look after the kids while I sit on the pontoon and read for as long as I like?


So, how did you go?

PS – I am in Tahiti!!! Isn’t it pretty?

All photos were sourced from the Tahiti tourism site –

3 thoughts on “Geography Quiz: Where Am I on Wednesday

  1. Yes, but you have Lake Champlain and Concord Massachussetts and Austin and Yosemite and I could go on….. But where’s my gratitude? We are both very lucky peeps. I hope you’re having fun?? Where are you now?


  2. Kate Corcoran

    Kate, you got my attention with this one. Thanks for putting together my opening activity for tomorrow’s Yr 12 Geog class. BTW, I’m in the “meet you in the cocktail lounge” category!


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