Literature’s Lushest? Vote for Your Favourite


Does  anyone else fall hopelessly in love with fictional characters from books?  We know they’re not real, but they’re often so… yummy. Well, not all of them – not Voldemort… or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

I’m partial to Gilbert Blythe. Actually, partial’s not really the word. Obsessed with would be more accurate. I mean, the guy fell in love with Anne when she broke a slate over his head. He wasn’t attracted to her looks or social standing – it was all about her  personality, wit and intelligence. Gilbert had class. He gave up a job so that she could have it. He couldn’t promise her “diamond sunbursts or marble halls”, but he said,  “Anne, I’ve loved you as long as I can remember. I need you.”  Man, if he’s not a kindred spirit, I don’t know who is.

But am I wrong? Does anybody else have a favourite? Have I missed anyone out? Take the poll below or tell us in the comments:

3 thoughts on “Literature’s Lushest? Vote for Your Favourite

  1. I am an Atticus Finch kinda girl. There’s something about a quiet intelligent man fighting societal injustice, and teaching his children about walking in another person’s shoes.

    But, my younger teenage self would say Harry Potter. Something about a man in glasses who humbly fights evil.


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