I Can’t Live Without Don Draper

Kate Macdessi


Don Draper broke up with me last night.

Why Don? Why?

I thought we had something good. I thought we had something meaningful. You came into my living room once a week and I  admired you from afar. I loved your suits and your suave sophistication. I loved your air of mystery. I even put up with your smoking.

Like most women in your life, I have been loyal. I have waited up late at night to see you, I’ve lied to my husband about you (he never did like you) and I’ve fantasised that I could change you. I’m not sure what it was about you that was so alluring, but you held us all in your charming grip.

And now you’re gone. Just like that.

Like any break up, there’s collateral damage. Not only have I lost you, but the whole gang over at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I’ll never see Peggy fighting to make it in a man’s world again or hear Roger’s dry wit. I think I’ll even miss Pete. I’ll definitely miss those 60’s fashions.

To make matters worse, I don’t like the way that you left me. You’ve visited too infrequently over the last two years – that’s how I knew you were leaving. You pulled away from me gradually and it left me feeling unfulfilled.

I’m glad that Peggy is happy with Stan, that Joan has started a successful business and that Pete has reconciled with Trudy. Everybody seems to be neatly set for a nice life. But not you Don (or poor Betty!). I feel as if you haven’t learnt anything. I was hopeful for a short time there. I thought you were discovering yourself at the end. At first I thought that smile was the discovery of peace, but maybe it was just the idea for the Coke ad.

Or did Peggy write the Coke ad? Dammit Don, even at the end you’ve left me feeling uncertain.

Will I ever know the real Don Draper and how will I go on without you?

Can anyone help me? What did you think of the Mad Men season finale and are there any shows that can replace Mad Men for me?

Kate Macdessi

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Live Without Don Draper

  1. Kate

    Oh, I love House of Cards. I think Episode one season two was the best episode of TV ever. That’s a big call. I’m not sure that Francis Underwood is as appealing as Don though. He scares me too much. at least Don has good intentions…sort of.


  2. Julie

    Well done Kate. I hardly watch tv so don’t know Don Draper but still enjoyed reading it. Well done. My brain is def lost. It can’t function much above what bags need to be packed for the activities. I hope you’re all well. Take care, julie

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  3. juicyroo

    I hear you Kate! I watched six and a half seasons of mad men in about a month and then had to wait, agonizingly, every week for the last part of season 7. It was torture. But this is worse!

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  4. ktmacdessi

    Hi Foxy! I know – those whole last two seasons (or half seasons) were torturous. Some people feel they’ve left it open for a reunion. I’d love to see how they all fair in the 1980’s. Peggy could really rock a pair of big shoulder pads. But then, who doesn’t look good in shoulder pads?


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