I am a Forty-Something-Year Old (Wannabe) Groupie


I am a Forty-Something-Year Old (Wannabe) GroupieI have a confession to make. Well, I guess it is not really a confession because I am not ashamed of this, nor do I find it in any way sinful. It just…well, it may not be age appropriate. Here goes: I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!. I know, I am a woman in my late 40s, hardly the typical demographic for a Taylor Swift fan, but I cannot help myself. Did you see the Billboard Awards? Taylor opened the show with the release of her latest video for “Bad Blood,” and it rocked! I’m not the only 40-something who thought so because Molly Ringwald said she wanted to be in Taylor’s group. As a product of the 80s (who actually saw The Breakfast Club in the theater), that is a rousing endorsement. The reason I like Taylor Swift is because she is just plain talented. She plays a variety of instruments, writes catchy lyrics, and seems to capture a common experience felt by women of all ages. Since Ms. Swift is now the most decorated artist in the Billboard Music Awards history—at the young age of 25—it shows that her peers and audience thinks so too. I liked her early work, but she really grabbed me when she wrote the twangy “Mean.” That is hands-down the anthem of every misfit teenage girl (or just every teenager because we all felt like misfits). It is hard to believe that this woman was ever a misfit, but apparently she was a lonely teen. (Take heart all you lonely teens. You too can put that emotion into something incredibly creative and magical!) Of course, my two daughters (ages 10 and 11) love Taylor Swift and her music too. But, in truth, I think I am the bigger fan. I couldn’t wait for her album Red to release, and was “fit to be tied” (as we say in Texas) when my 11-year-old STOLE the album from my car. I felt the same way about 1989. The only heartache I felt about 1989 is that was the year this mega-talent was born because that was the year after I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. But, that won’t stop me from hoping her tour comes my way soon. So, to Taylor Swift, I say many congratulations on your well-earned awards. (And, since I am a 40-something-year-old Mom, I have to send kudos to your parents. They raised a talented and seemingly mature young lady.)

2 thoughts on “I am a Forty-Something-Year Old (Wannabe) Groupie

  1. Kate

    Cara! I knew we were kindred spirits! I’m going to the concert in November and can’t wait. She rocks, and it’s so nice to have a positive role model for young girls – win/win


  2. Leanne

    I’ve been hiding my Taylor love for years in a playlist under my 10 year old daughters name. I’m not sure if this will be good for Taylor’s reputation but I’m outing myself….I love Taylor too!


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