What’s ‘cool’ today?


Kate Macdessi

Yo, hipsters! What’s happening? This section is where the cool kids gather to discuss pop culture.

Oh, who am I kidding? I wasn’t even cool when I was a teenager, so now that I’m a middle aged housewife whose social life consists of sneaking ice cream Snickers bars late at night so my kids won’t see me, I’m certainly not hip. Is hip even a word that’s still in fashion? I’m fairly sure that in fashion isn’t even in fashion. I have a lot to learn.

I think it’s important for my brain to stay current and up to date with the zeitgeist (that’s the word of the day, but I’m not entirely sure I used it correctly?) I think I inherited this need from my father. Dad loved to be hip. Or rather, he loved to try to be hip. I’m still haunted by the image of him driving me and my friends to the movies (circa 1984 – it was most likely to Flashdance or Footloose or some equally amazing film).  We were probably about 14 – that beautiful age when you are incredibly self conscious AND extremely judgemental all at the same time. It ensures that adolescence is such a delightful stage of life.

Anyway, my Dad thought he’d impress me and my friends with how cool he was. Madonna’s Borderline (or some  equally awesome Madonna song) came on the radio and he began belting it out as if he was the material girl herself. I spent half the song terrified he was about to don some black lace gloves and start dancing. How embarrassing!

So, I feel I should continue the family tradition. Trashy Tuesday (or Tragic Tuesday, depending on how you view my efforts to stay up to date) is my attempt at understanding Pop Culture.

Here is what I can figure out so far:

1. It’s OK – no, preferable, to have a big butt now. In my day, it was all about the small butt. But hey, fashions change – and apparently body parts too.  Kim Kardashian  (I’m embarrassed to admit I already know who that is and may secretly watch Keeping up with the Kardashians far more than is good for my brain) has broken the internet with her shelf like Butt. The image of her resting a champagne glass on it is indeed zeitgeist – ish.

2. According to all the celebrity magazines I picked up at the grocery checkout (hey, it was research!),  most  female celebrities now have “new bodies”.  I’m not entirely sure what they do with their “old bodies”,  but they seem to need new ones constantly.

3. Celebrity men do not  need “new bodies”, with the exception of Bruce Jenner. He is  busting to get his.

4. Kanye West is a musician who feels he can single handedly decide which music/music videos are popular and should have final say on all awards at all award ceremonies. This dude is so caught up with his importance that he’s jumped up on stage TWICE to tell a winner that they didn’t deserve to win. Did I mention he’s done this twice. Twice.  Kanye West thinks he owns the zeitgeist.

5. I know far too much about the Kadashion/Wests/Jenners.

6. I still have a lot to learn. Can anyone help me?

6 thoughts on “What’s ‘cool’ today?

  1. Karen Tisdell Careers

    I can’t help you learn, knowing nothing myself, but I am enjoying everything about your blog! Looking forward to more updates, Karen Tisdell, the resume writer

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate I’m very impressed with your Kardashian knowledge and am loving the blog. Now if you are also a closet ‘Real Housewives’ viewer, I’ve met a kindred spirit. Looking forward to the next blog!


  3. Maria! Yes, secretly love the housewives. It seems to be thing to do – perhaps it’s time for housewives viewing party. I think Sam would leave home.


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